Nicholas Cheek



Extensive knowledge and experience in ASP, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3, Scss and Sass Preprocessors
Extensive experience with several CMS systems, such as Processwire, ExpressionEngine, and Wordpress
Proficient with MVC frameworks as well as Object Oriented Programming.
Experienced in Photoshop and CorelDraw
Proficient in Internet marketing, website promotion and Photoshop design.
Adept at handling multiple tasks and learning new programming languages quickly
Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills



Oct 2013 - Present

Senior Web Developer, Server Administrator
COMPANY: Finnegan Health Services

Restructure and optimize existing code.
Implementing new design/features.
Custom built backend applications.
Optimize Queries to increase site speed.
SEO and SEM related tasks.
Maintaining ecommerce site.
Tracking clicks and analytic monitoring.
Keeping up to date on latest breakthroughs and learning new methods of programming.

2012 - Oct 2013

Web Developer, Server Administrator
COMPANY: Mass Enthusiasm

Coding templates designed by graphic artists.
Repairing and maintaining code.
Solving customer problems with ingenuity and "out of the box" ideas.
Work one on one with customers to satisfy their needs.
Work with other coders and Designers on a daily basis.
Work with several types of CMS as well as raw code.
Maintain good working relationship with office personnel.
Daily requirements to challenge skill level and learn new methods of coding.
Worked on hundreds of website, multitasking most of the time.


Web Developer
Company: Black Asphalt/Desert Snow, LLC

Completely restructured and coded a highly secure law enforcement website.
Created and designed graphics for use on the website.
Integrated signup and payment systems using Paypal API with a custom shopping cart.
Supervised several other programmers, assigned tasks, and checked over code.
Maintained server using command line functions and SSH.
Operating System:  Linux
Database: MySQL 
Languages & Software: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JQuery, CodeIgniter,  Photoshop,  and Corel for design.


Webmaster / Web Developer/ System Administrator
Company: City of Abbeville, Alabama

Developed, managed, and maintained a secure municipal website.
Handled customer support issues, network problems, and website changes.
Designed and implemented a warrant checking application using ASP.
Operating System:  Linux
Database: Microsoft Access
Languages & Software: ASP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Photoshop, and Microsoft Access.


2003-2011     (Freelance Developer)

Webmaster / Web Developer / System Administrator

Developed, maintained and promoted more than ten websites.
Worked as needed for various clients, all hours of the day/night.
Operating Systems:  Linux, Windows NT
Databases: MySQL, ACCESS
Languages & Software: ASP, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Perl, CGI, Apache,


Living the dream.